Thursday, August 18, 2016

Top 5 Common Traditional Medicine Practitioners in the Philippines

Part of human life since ancient times, traditional treatment has been an integral part of human evolution and development throughout the world. The Philippines with wide variety of healing ways influenced by different tribes across the country is a good way to learn more of it.

Here are some of the few common traditional medicine practitioners in the Philippines.

1. Albularyo - a general practitioner who uses a combination of healing therapies that may include prayers, incantations, mysticism, and herbalism. They claim to draw healing powers from supernatural sources.

2. Faith Healers - these practitioners claim that the source of their healing powers came from Holy Spirit or God. They require patients to have faith and believe the divine power to effect the healing.

3. Manghihilot or Hilot - to promote healing, they act as massage therapists, chiropractors or midwives.

4. Medico - a general practitioner somehow similar to Albularyo but integrates western medicine to treat their patients.

5. Mangtatawas or Tawas - this traditional practitioner uses candles, smoke, album, papers, eggs and other mediums to diagnose the cause of sickness associated by prayers and incantations.